Journal of Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Index To Volume 2(2004)


Ali, Rosihan M. and Ravichandran, V.: Differential Subordination for Meromorphic Functions Defined by a Linear Operator, 149

Al-Jarrah, A. A. and Raid, A.:An Exact Solution of a Discontinuous Boundary Problem for Plates Vibrations, 113

Basu, S., Diagana T. and Ramaroson R.:A p-adic Version of Hilbert Schmidt Operators and Applications, 173

Bystr\"{o}m, J., Dasht, J. and Wall, P.:A Numerical Study of the Convergence in Stochastic Homogenization, 159

Darus, M.: See Ravichandran, V. and Darus, M.

Darus, M.:On the Coefficient Problems with Hadamard Product, 87

Darus, M.: see Saibah and Darus, M.

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