Journal of
Algebra and Applied Mathematics
(Formerly JADS & JOCMO)

(ISSN: 2319-7234)

Index To Volume 18(2020)



Aldhuhouri, F.A.M.A., Al Obeidli, M.M. and Leung, H.H.: Complex bi-periodic Horadam numbers, 73

Al Obeidli, M.M.: see Aldhuhouri, F.A.M.A., Al Obeidli, M.M. and Leung, H.H.

Gonzaga, N.C., Jr.: A note on the normality and quotients in ${\mathbf B}$-algebras, 43

Jain, A., Petalcorin, G.C. Jr., Shum, K.P. and Lee, K.-S.:$\alpha$-grammar and quasi-deterministic pushdown automata (QDPDA) of order ``n", 99

Jain, Shantanu:Non-binary $l_{t/b}$-spotty byte error control codes for digital systems in cosmic environment, 15

Khachorncharoenkul, P.: see Pianskool, S. and Khachorncharoenkul, P.

Kim, C.S. and Kim, W.S.: General linear regression model approach to estimate location and scale parameters of Burr type III distribution based on dual generalized order statistics

Kim, W.S.: see Kim, C.S. and Kim, W.S.

Lee, H.Y. and Ryoo, C.S.: A note on the twisted $(h, p,q)$-Euler numbers and polynomials, 143


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