Journal of
Computational Mathematics and Optimization
(ISSN: 0972-9372)

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Ferrentino, R.: On the Function of Seal, 157

Ferrentino, R. and Raucci, R.: On the Games of Stackelberg and Their Applications in Economic Models , 1

Gregory, J.: see Bhattacharya, B. and Gregory, J.

Jain, A.: An Application of Virtual Deterministic Finite Automaton (VDFA) in Natural Language Processing (NLP) , 39

Kang, J.H.: A Cooperative Biological Model with Combined Self-limitation and Cooperation Terms , 113

Khaldi, M: Daili, N. and Khaldi, M.

Lin, L.B. ~see Lin, L.F. and Lin, L.B.

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