Journal of
Computational Mathematics and Optimization
(ISSN: 0972-9372)

Index To Volume 4(2008)



Alamelumangai, V. and Natarajan, M.:Tuning Methods of PID Controller for a Multivariable Process, 185

AlSharawi, Z. and Angelos, J.:Linear Almost Periodic Difference Equations, 61

Angelos, J.: see AlSharawi, Z. and Angelos, J.

Bhattacharya, B. and Gregory, J.: A General Maximum Entropy Theory:Constraint Optimization in Probability , 15

Daili, N. and Khaldi, M.: Duality Gap in Differentiable and Nondifferentiable Optimization Problems, 127

Ferrentino, R.: An Application of the Mixture of Exponentials to the Risk Theory, 145

Ferrentino, R.: Some Relations among Minty Variational Inequalities of Differential Type and Increasing along Rays Functions, 93


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