Journal of Computational Mathematics and Optimization 

(ISSN: 0972-9372)

Executive Editors : Sapna Jain , Ki-Bong Nam                             

The Journal of Computational Mathematics and Optimization is a refereed mathematical journal published in one volume of two issues annually devoted to publish original research papers/survey articles, book reviews, dissertation abstracts etc. of mathematical orientation on various aspects of computational mathematics and optimization including numerical analysis, approximation theory, number theory, Probability theory and Statistics, computational aspects of geometry and algebra, mechanics, design of efficient numerical/qualitative methods for solving differential equations (both ODE and PDE), Stochastic process modelling, algebraic and geometrical methods in Control Theory, Exploratory Data Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Game Theory, Information Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Fuzzy/Hazy/Rough Set theory, Mathematical Logic, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Computability and Computer Complexities, Parallel Computing and Artificial Neural Net Theory, Mathematical Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology and allied topics. 

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