Journal of
Algebra and Discrete Structures
(Formerly Journal of Applied Algebra and Discrete Structures)

(ISSN: 0974-1186)

                                                Index To Volume 1(2003)


Arad, Z., Erez, Y. and Muzychuk, M.: Connections Between Degrees and Other Table Algebra Constants and Applications for Finite Groups, 35

Behravesh, H. and Shahbazpour, K.: Quasi-Permutation Representations of Sporadic Groups, 197

Chen, H.: On Directly Infinitely Stable Rings, 13

Chen, H. and Chen, M.: On Unit 1-Stable Range, 189

Chen, M.: see Chen, H. and Chen, M.

Crnkovic, D. and Rukavina, S.: On Hadamard (35,17,8) Designs and Their Automorphism Groups, 165

Denecke, K., Jampachon, P. and Wismath, S.L.: Clones of n-ary Algebras, 141

Erez, Y.: see Arad, Z., Erez, Y. and Muzychuk, M.

Fan, S. and Xie, H.: Weakly Transitive Graphs, 27

Guo, W.: see Zhang, X., Guo, W. and Shum,K.P.                         


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