Journal of Analysis and Applications 

(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Executive Editor : Sapna Jain                                                    


The Journal of Analysis and Applications (JAA) is a peer-reviewed/refereed mathematical journal devoted to publishing original research papers, survey articles, book-reviews, dissertation abstracts etc. of mathematical orientation on advances in various aspects of mathematical analysis including classical analysis (real and complex analysis), linear and nonlinear functional analysis, numerical analysis, analytic number theory, AI analytics, ordinary and partial differential equations.

It also publishes original research papers on geometry, optimization theory, control theory, machine learning, deep learning as well as its applications in different branches of mathematical, physical and biological sciences (including but not limited to image analysis, time series analysis, neuroscience, mathematical oncology, cardiovascular and lung dynamics, tissue engineering, robotics etc.), engineering sciences, quantum engineering (including quantum computation and communications) and information technology etc. in which the core and flavor in mathematical analysis is highlighted.


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