Pragmatic Algebra
Pragmatic Algebra

(ISBN: 81-88296-02-3)


  • Semilattice Structure of Regular Cyber Groups
    Xiangzhi Kong and K.P. Shum

  • Some Study of Lee's Basis and Park's Lie Algebra
    Cheol Kim, S.H. Koh and Y.G. Kim

  • Automorphisms of Non-Associative Algebras containing ${\mathbf F}[x]$
    Ki-Bong Nam and Seul Hee Choi

  • Error Detecting and Error Correcting Capabilities of Euclidean Codes
    Sapna Jain

  • Deformations of Bundles and Sheaves on the Projective Line: An Elementary Account
    Matthias Schork
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