Pragmatic Algebra

(ISBN: 81-88296-02-3)


The modern study of Algebra is a richly vibrant area of research, due not only to its significance in fields outside of pure mathematics (such as physics, computer science, crystallography, etc.), but also due to the rapid advances being made in the field. The goal of the present volume is to highlight some of the new ideas and techniques in algebra and its applications as represented by contributions from algebraists around the world.

The papers contained in this volume provide valuable insights into current research in algebra and its applications. Several of these papers open up entirely new directions of research, and suggest exciting new directions for future work in the field. Readers of this volume can expect to be enlightened and motivated by these results. The Editors have striven to create a volume with both depth and breadth, to bring new researchers into the field as well as take more experienced researchers to its frontiers.

The Editors are grateful to the many authors who have so willingly contributed the fruits of their research to this volume. The broad international scope represented by these authors demonstrates the importance of this work. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer works in such a wide variety of topics and applications. We thank the authors for the privilege of sharing their valuable research with the larger mathematical community.

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