Journal of Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Index To Volume 7(2009)


Al-Shaqsi, K. and Darus, M.: On univalent functions with respect to k-symmetric points defined by a generalized Ruscheweyh derivatives operator, 53

Ansari-piri, E. and Zohri, A. : Approximating sets in commutative Frechet algebras, 85

Boniello, C. and Ferrentino, R.: On the application of the Laplace transform to a particular case of ruin in ended times, 157

Chaisuriya, P.: see Leelahanon, S. and Chaisuriya, P.

Darus, M.:~see Siregar, S., Darus, M. and Tuneski, N.

Darus, M.:~see Al-Shaqsi, K. and Darus, M.

Demidenko, G.V.: Stability of solutions to linear differential equations of neutral type , 119

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