Journal of Analysis and Applications
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Matveeva, I.I.: On a Class of Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Sobolev Type, 129

Medghalchi, A.R.:~see Ebadian, A. and Medghalchi, A.R.

Miura, T.: see Miura, Y., Takahasi, S.-E., Miura, T. and Tsukada, M.

Miura, Y., Takahasi, S.-E., Miura, T. and Tsukada, M.: Convergency of a Recursive Sequence $x_{n+1}=\frac {\beta x_{n-1}}{1+\alpha (x_{n-1}+x_n)}$ and its Application to a Model for Competing Species, 205

Molina, J.A. L\'{o}pez and Trujillo, M. : On the Regularity of Solutions of the Homogeneous Mixed Neumann Problem for the Hyperbolic Heat Equation in Anisotropic Bodies, 175

Petrosyan, A.I.: On $A^{p}_{\omega}$ Spaces in the Unit Ball of ${\mathbf C^n}$, 47

Rakbund, J. and Chaisuriya, P.: Classes of Infinite Matrices over Banach Algebras, 31

Raphael, A.: see Kon, K.A., Raphael, A. and Williams, D.A.

Rezgui, A.: see Chrouda, M.B. and Rezgui, A.

Saibah and Darus, M.: On Subclass of $p$-valent Functions with Fixed Second Negative Coefficients, 19
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