Journal of Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Index To Volume 15(2017)



S.C. Oukouomi Noutchie:~see M. Mbokoma and S.C. Oukouomi Noutchie

S.M. Paraico and S.R. Canoy, Jr.:Super domination in graphs, 149

G.C.Petalcorin: see L.C. Platil and G.C.Petalcorin

L.C. Platil and G.C.Petalcorin: Fuzzy sets on $\Gamma$-semimodules over $\Gamma$-semirings, 71

D.L. Polestico: see B.F. Tubo and D.L. Polestico

H.M. Rara: see J.K. Degui\~{n}on and H.M. Rara

B.F. Tubo and D.L. Polestico: On the asymptotic risk efficiency of point estimates of functions of exponential scale parameters by a two-Stage sequential procedure, 133

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