Journal of Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Index To Volume 13(2015)


Baculta, J. and Rara, H.M.: Fuzzy $\mu$-regular generalized star $b$-sets in generalized fuzzy topological spaces, 29

Boniello, C.:~see Ferrentino, R. and Boniello, C.

Cabaro, A.G. and Canoy, S.R., Jr.: Restrained weakly connected dominating sets in graphs under some operations, 51

Canoy, S.R., Jr.:~see Cabaro, A.G. and Canoy, S.R., Jr.

Ferrentino, R. and Boniello, C.: Communication and advertising: a stochastic approach, 1

Rara, H.M.: see J. Baculta and Rara, H.M.

Skvortsova, M.A.: Estimates of solutions to a system describing birds' migration, 15

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