Journal of Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Index To Volume 12(2014)


Darmawijaya, S.: see Sumardiyono, Darmawijaya, S. and Supama

Demidenko, G.V.: On boundary value problems for a system of elasticity theory in a multilayered cylinder, 13

Demidenko, G.V. and Matveeva, I.I.: Estimates for solutions to linear systems of neutral type with several delays, 37

Ferrentino, R.: On the model risk, 1

Matveeva, I.I.: see Demidenko, G.V. and Matveeva, I.I.

Sumardiyono, Darmawijaya, S. and Supama: On spaces of sequence-valued sequences and K\"{o}the-Toeplitz duals, 25

Supama: see Sumardiyono, Darmawijaya, S. and Supama

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