Journal of Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Index To Volume 11(2013)


Boniello, C.: see Ferrentino, R. and Boniello, C.

Ferrentino, R.:A model for the determination of rates of re-balancing in a project of fusion between banks, 43

Ferrentino, R. and Boniello, C.: On a rank of a matrix of dimension k, 59

Izuki, M.:Remarks on Muckenhoupt weights with variable exponent, 27

Mary, J.L.: see Shanmugam, T.N. and Mary, J.L.

Sawano, Y.: A note on the boundedness of discrete commutators on Morrey spaces and their preduals, 1

Shanmugam, T.N. and Mary, J.L.: Integral property Of universally prestarlike functions, 53

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