Journal of
Algebra and Discrete Structures
(Formerly Journal of Applied Algebra and Discrete Structures)

(ISSN: 0974-1186)

Index To Volume 8(2010)


Jain, A. and Lee, J.-S.:~Quasi-deterministic virtual finite automaton~(QDVFA) of order $s$, 7

Jain, A. and Lee, K.-S.: Equivalence between quasi-deterministic virtual finite automaton(QDVFA) of order $s$ and regular grammar, 37

Jain, S.: High-density error correction/detection in Euclidean codes, 47

Kim, Y.G.: Hypo Lie algebras and their representations, 1

Lee, J.-S.:~see Jain, A. and Lee, J.-S.

Lee, K.-S.:~see Jain, A. and Lee, K.-S.

Yu, Q.: A type of overgroup in the linear group over a principal ideal domain, 31

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