Journal of
Algebra and Discrete Structures
(Formerly Journal of Applied Algebra and Discrete Structures)

(ISSN: 0974-1186)

Index To Volume 6(2008)


Akram, M.: see Shum, K.P. and Akram, M.

Chajda, I. and Laenger, H. : Bounded Lattices with Antitone Involution the Complemented Elements of which Form a Sublattice, 13

Curtin, B. : Hyper Duality of Type II Bose-Mesner Algebras, 1

Daili, N.: Binomial Densities in Number Theory , 135

Ding, A. and Li, S. : Regular $*$-Congruences on Quasi Regular $*$-Semigroups, 63

Dong, L. and Jiao, Z. : Maschke-type Theorem for Twisted Smash Product, 119

Guo, W., Wang, Y. and Shi, L. : Nearly $s$-normal Subgroups of a Finite Group, 95

Guo, W.: see Zuo, K., Liu, Y. and Guo, W.

Huang, J., Hao, L. and Hu, B. : A New Criterion of Finite Supersoluble Groups, 127

Hao, L.: see Huang, J., Hao, L. and Hu, B.

Hu, B.: see Huang, J., Hao, L. and Hu, B.


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