Journal of
Algebra and Discrete Structures
(Formerly Journal of Applied Algebra and Discrete Structures)

(ISSN: 0974-1186)

Index To Volume 4(2006)


Changwen, L.: see Qiu, Y. and Changwen, L. and Na, T.

Chen, H.: A Note on Quasi-Injective Modules, 13

Choi, S.H. and Nam, K.B: Derivations of a restricted Non-associative Algebras with Exponential Functions I, 65

\'Crnkovic, D. and Held, D.: On Some Menon Designs with Parameters (324,153,72), 23

Dubickas, A: The Conjugate Dimension of a Field Extension, 57

Guo, W.: Formations Determined by Hall Subgroups, 139

Held, D.: see \'Crnkovic, D. and Held, D.

Iglesias, F.C.: A Topological Vesrison of Kato-M\"{u}ller Theorem for Modules, 109

Jeon, W., Lee, K.S. and Nam, K.B.: Algebras on Localizations of a Stable Algebra II, 157

Jeon, W., and Nam, K.B.: Generalized Contact Lie Algebras of Cartan Type, 165


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