Journal of
Algebra and Discrete Structures
(Formerly Journal of Applied Algebra and Discrete Structures)

(ISSN: 0974-1186)

Index To Volume 3(2005)


Bagheri, S.M. and Moniri, M.: Joint Embedding and Amalgamation for Certain Classes of Ordered Fields ,159

Chen, H.: On Quasi-rank Functions of a Non-unital Regular Ring , 41

Choi, S.L.: see Nam, K.B., Choi, S.H. and Wang, M.O.

Friggstad, Z. and Wismath, S.L.: Minimal Characteristic Algebras for $k$-normality for Unary Types , 65

Guo, W. and Shum, K.P.: A Note on Finite Groups whose Normalizers of Sylow $2, 3$-Subgroups are Prime Power Indices , 1

Guo, W.: see Jinxin, G. and Guo, W.

Guo, Y.: see Zhao, J., Guo, Y. and Liu, Y.

Ming, H. and Long, M.: Finite Groups with Some Subgroups of Sylow Subgroups $S$-Normal , 101

Iranmanesh, A. and Khosravi, B.: A Characterization of PSU $(17, q)$ , 169

Jaraden, J.J.: Finite Groups with Tightly Embedded Subgroups , 149


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