Journal of
Algebra and Applied Mathematics
(Formerly JADS & JOCMO)

(ISSN: 2319-7234)

Index To Volume 14(2016)



S.M.A. Galindo and G.C. Petalcorin: Partitioning and substractive $S\Gamma$-subsemimodules, 59

R. Guiem and S.C. Oukouomi Noutchie: A novel method for solving a coagulation-fragmentation model with growth, 79

R.A. Indangan and G.C. Petalcorin: Some results on Hyper GR-ideals of a Hyper GR-algebra, 101

A. Jain, G.C. Petalcorin and K.-S. Lee: Semi-deterministic pushdown automata(SDPDA) of order $``n"$ and $\beta$-languages, 27

Shantanu Jain: Frame codes for cosmic communication, 41

L. Kohaupt: Generalized Rayleigh-quotient formulas for the eigenvalues of self-adjoint matrices , 1

K.-S. Lee:~see A. Jain, G.C. Petalcorin and K.-S. Lee

O.M. Ogunlaran and S.C. Oukouomi Noutchie: Chebyshev collocation method for the solution of a system of second-order boundary value problems, 121


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