Journal of
Algebra and Applied Mathematics
(Formerly JADS & JOCMO)

(ISSN: 2319-7234)

Index To Volume 10(2012)


Akram, M. :see Chen, W. and Akram, M.

Akram, M.:see Dar, K.H. and Akram, M.

Chen, W. and Akram, M.: Fuzzy subcoalgebras and fuzzy subcomodules, 15

Dar, K.H. and M. Akram : Left and right mappings of a automorphic loop, 49

Ferrentino: Some results on well-posedness in scalar optimization problems and in variational inequalities, 1

Sheeja, G. and Sribala, S.: Semidirect products of orthodox ternary semigroups, 33

Sribala, S.: see Sheeja, G. and Sribala, S.

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