Journal of
Algebra and Applied Mathematics
(Formerly JADS & JOCMO)

(ISSN: 2319-7234)

Volume 16 . Number 1                                                                     March 2018



A note on commutative hyper BCI-algebras
J.B. Bendong and G.C. Petalcorin, Jr.

Hochschild cohomology for a socle deformation of some self-injective special biserial algebra of rank four
T. Furuya and T. Hayami

On weak decomposable hyper BCI-algebras and some notes on weak and strong hyper BCI-ideals
L.R. Cabardo and G.C. Petalcorin, Jr.

1/2-domination in graphs
R.B. Grageda and B.H. Arriola

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