Journal of Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 0972-5954)

Volume 16 . Number 1                                                                     March 2018



About the D-Bar reconstruction method for complex conductivities: Error estimates
S. El Kontar, H. Chrayteh, T. EL Arwadi and J.-M. Sac-Epee

Solution of fourth order boundary value problems using Chebyshev method
O.M. Ogunlaran and S.C. Oukouomi Noutchie

On the powers of operator generated by rotation
A.B. Antonevich and A.A. Shukur

$L^{\infty}$ error estimate of parabolic variational inequality arising out of the pricing of American option
S. Madi, M.C. Bouras and M. Haiour

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