Pragmatic Algebra
Pragmatic Algebra

(ISBN: 81-88296-02-3)


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  • Block Designs and Strongly Regular Graphs Constructed from Some Linear and Unitary Groups
    Dean Crnkovic, Vedrana Mikulic and Sanja Rukavina

  • Conditions for p-Nilpotency of Finite Soluble Groups
    Gongzhi Luo, Bin Hu and Xiaolan Yi

  • Power Menger Algebras with Union and Their Endomorphisms
    P. Glubudom and K. Denecke

  • A Note on the Minus and Star Partial Orderings of Nonnegative Definite Matrices and Their Powers
    Liu Xiaoji

  • On One Question of the Theory of $\omega$-Composition Formations
    Awni Faez Al-Dababaseh
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