Journal of
Computational Mathematics and Optimization
(ISSN: 0972-9372)

Index To Volume 5(2009)



Cai, Z.: Learning rates for the hinge loss under geometric noise conditions, 23

Demidenko, G.V. and Matveeva, I.I.: On numerical study of asymptotic stability of solutions to linear periodic differential equations with a parameter, 163

Ganesan, M.:~see Savitha, L. and Ganesan, M.

Ghahremanian, A.:~see Heydari, F. and Ghahremanian, A.

Heydari, F. and Ghahremanian, A.: Studying and implementing parallel matrix multiplication algorithms, 121

Humphries, U.W.: see Jaiboon, C., Kumam, P. and Humphries, U.W.

Jaiboon, C., Kumam, P. and Humphries, U.W.: Convergence theorems by the viscosity approximation method for equilibrium problems and variational inequality problems, 29


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