Advances in Algebra towards Millennium Problems
Advances in Algebra towards Millennium Problems
(Proceedings of 2004 Int'l Conference on Related Subjects to Clay Problems)

(ISBN: 81-88296-00-7)


  • Explicit Universal Proof of P not equal to NP
    Ki-Bong Nam, S.H. Wang and Y.G. Kim

  • Word Hopf Algebra
    Michiel Hazewinkel

  • Cluster Algebras: Origins, Results and Conjectures
    Andrei Zelevinsky

  • Group Gradings on Simple Lie Algebras
    M.V. Zaicev

  • Automorphism Groups of Some Generalized Witt Type Lie Algebras
    Naoki Kawamoto

  • Plotkin's Bound with Lee Weight
    Sapna Jain

  • Weyl-type Non-Associative Algebras I
    Ki-Bong Nam, Y.G. Kim and Moon-Ok Wang

  • Derivations of Some Evaluation Algebras I
    Ki-Bong Nam, Moon-Ok Wang and Ki-Suk Lee

  • Pseudoidentities and Hyper-pseudoidentities
    K. Denecke and B. Pibaljommee

  • A Geometric Construction of Skew Oscillating Semi-standard Tableaux
    Seul Hee Choi and Ki-Bong Nam

  • Block Designs and a Strongly Regular Graph Constructed from Linear Groups
    L(2,49) and L(2,32)
    Dean Crnkovic, Vedrana Mikulic and Sanja Rukavina

  • The Weighted Moore-Penrose Inverse of Sum of Matrices
    Liu Xiaoji
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