Methods of Complex Analysis and Clifford Analysis
(Proceedings of ICAM Hanoi 2004)

(ISBN: 81-88296-01-5)


In some cases effective solutions of applied problems (such as the construction of solutions to partial differential equations) can be obtained by methods of complex analysis. Since the Cauchy-Riemann operators of quaternionic and of Clifford analysis have many common properties with the Cauchy-Riemann operator in the complex plane, quaternionic and Clifford analysis too develop tools for applied mathematics.

The present Proceedings are aimed to place at disposal such new tools which are mainly based on complex and Clifford analysis. For instance, differential forms and wavelets are considered in the framework of Clifford analysis. Another high-light are integral transformations. A survey article on texture analysis is based on properties of the Radon transform. It makes also use of the representation of rotations by quaternions.

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